Learning to make myself happy

The Happy Valley in Hong Kong

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I am one of those people who more often than not is so busy working on helping everyone else, or trying to make everyone else happy that I neglect myself. I have tried to make it a habit to do at least one thing for myself every once in a while. It is usually something completely selfish, but it’s just for me. I recently realized that while that did make me stop and think of myself on occasion, it did not cause me work on making myself happy. Of course, I must also add that the cliché statement “I am my own worst critic.” I am always very critical of myself, and question everything I do, though it does make me always push myself to do better. If someone points out a flaw I have I’m not happy until I have fixed it. This weekend I have done one selfish thing, and one thing that just makes me happy and filled with joy regardless of anything else that is going on.

The very selfish thing I did was buy myself the R2D2 Droid 2! I am extremely happy about it, though it does take some getting used to going from the Blackberry platform to the Android platform! Since I don’t get a signal at home I have not been able to really sit down and play with everything, but tomorrow is the start of the work week so I will have more chances to learn everything!

The thing I did that just filled me with joy was that I now own my domain name for this blog! Which means that while it is still on WordPress, it no longer has the word ‘wordpress’ in the url!! It is just one more step to my blog looking good instead of completely amateur, even though we all know it is. It is still one step closer, and probably has more potential to get site hits now. I see this as a step toward achieving one of my goals in life. I am still a long way from fully achieving that, but one step at a time is how it is done.

I’m still waiting for my wrist to finish healing up, it is completely annoying. Actually I think I would be okay with it, if I would have been asked about having surgery instead of just having the cyst drained. I’ll deal with it somehow though. I have another appointment on Tuesday, and this week is the first week of Ty’s two week fall break. That always presents a problem for me, because I can not really afford to pay a babysitter for two weeks, I don’t like to ask my mother, or J’s mother to watch him everyday, and I can’t send him to work with J everyday. So he will have to stay home while J is asleep, and I will have to be home before J has to leave for work. Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of a eccentric life! A life that has to go grocery shopping right now, and is looking forward to grilled cheese and chili tonight; the first of the season!!


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  1. weight
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 11:51:46

    i see what you did there


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