I’m wiped out

Jackson Rathbone

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I went to the first pre-season game last night and had a great time! The Predators lost, but it isn’t a big deal. Besides not counting toward the seasons points it gave the coaches a chance to see how some of the rookies would perform. Which means there are a few who will probably be going back to the AHL for a while. I had a great time like I always do, but because I have to drive to Nashville I never get home until late, so I went to bed about 12:30 last night. I am usually a bit tired the next day, but today I have just been completely wiped out. After I got home this evening I laid down for a nap for a while. I was going to go back to bed right away when I woke up, but I decided to stay up and post on here first. Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a crazy day. I have to be up early to take Ty to Saturday Academy because he’s doing so badly in school and since I have to pick him up at noon I can’t go to the open house at the Bridgestone Arena. I also have some homework that I will finish up tomorrow because it’s due tomorrow night and well I will be at a Predators game again tomorrow night.

I have to admit that I do not normally get starstruck, but I have finally found someone who if I was to meet them I would probably get tongue-tied and look like a fool. I’m not sure how to deal with being so starstruck. I don’t even know this person and I really like them. Well at least I’m not the crazy type who would stalk them and know everything about them. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and actually meet them, and I won’t act as bad as I think I will! In the meantime I needed to be in bed a couple of hours ago but got caught up in “The short second life of bree tanner“. Read it from cover to cover in about two hours! Until Sunday or Monday!!


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  1. Kerellane
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 16:39:51

    great blog , how are you doing now eeh?


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