It’s bedtime for this girl

Cute coffee.

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I have stressed myself out over the last two days, so this evening I have chilled out for the most part. I had an assignment due at 8 this morning for my media ethics class and no thanks to J. and Ty I had to turn it in late. I have not been a happy camper as of late. I bought a bag of carrots today to eat for my lunch and when J. got home he wanted to eat them and then just kept eating. He is so on my nerves lately. Well at least it was carrots and not chips or candy which is his norm. Ty got the biggest part of his PowerPoint for Science done, and I did not really help until it came time to look up the information. Then I helped him. One of my professors gave me some great advice this morning on how to start dealing with Ty that may work. I am really hoping so, it worked for her and she raised two boys on her own. My wrist is still healing up, but it’s hurting a little bit today. For now, even though there is a Criminal Minds on the DVR, I am going to fix the coffee pot and get some sleep!

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