Weekend went well

The party for my in-laws went very well. Someone had ratted us out so that they knew about the party, but they did not know who all was going to be there! Everyone had a good time I think, except for that few minutes when my BFF (who is married to James’ cousin) chewed James’ rear for telling us to shut up. After we finished cleaning up after the party I headed home for a few minutes. I ended up staying home longer than I planned before heading out to a friends 1st anniversary party. We were supposed to add Samantha’s 21st birthday party to that, but she ended up going back to her house which is about an hour and a half away. We still had a great time at the friend’s house. They always have a bonfire and the guitars out when they party at the friend’s place. Which means the beer tastes good and the music is live!

The only bad part about the weekend is that I overworked my wrist so it’s still hurting today. I would love to take a pain pill and go to bed now, but I have to get up in the morning. I have to shower, and take Tyler to school before stopping at the doctor’s office then heading to work. My arm is still healing, I’m just going to have to be careful. I can live with a little pain, I’m just glad that my in-laws enjoyed their party.

I still have homework to get done, and I feel like I’m behind at work. I’m really irritated about Tyler being kicked off the bus because it means I have to leave work early to go pick him up. It was an advantage today because I needed to go to the grocery store and once I get home I don’t like to have to leave again. I’m a homebody like that. I like to go out and do things sometimes, but when I’m home I’m home! In fact right now, despite the fact that I could be watching the season premiere of House I’m going to have to go to bed because my eyelids are refusing to stay open! Have a great night!

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