Really tired, in pain, and a lot to do.

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I’m really tired today for some reason, I slept about seven hours last night. My wrist is really hurting today too though, so perhaps that has something to do with it. I think I’ve been overusing it a bit, but I have so many things I need and want to get done. I need to vacuum my living room floor, but it’s going to be one of the things that is overlooked today so that I can do everything else I want to do. I don’t know if Tyler gets out of the shower soon I may ask him to do it. I’ve been trying to work on laundry because otherwise I’m going to have to either go nekkid or wear dirty clothes, plus we’re out of towels. It’s a little painful pulling on the clothes to get them out of my top-loading washer, into my front-loading dryer. If James would stop eating and sleeping, then he might decide to help me, but there are two things he refuses to touch – dishes, and any laundry that is not his. But that situation is still an ongoing subject at my house; he still refuses to talk.

So, I said yesterday that I would talk about the “alternative school” that is in the school district here. It’s really a great school as I’ve said. They have a class for k-2 that helps then learn better behavior, and how to show their anger in an appropriate manner, while also teaching them the academics. Because the class is several grades under one teacher and one teachers assistant the academics suffer depending on how quickly the student starts learning the better behaviors and puts some effort into learning. Some of the other kids in elementary grades are also there to learn better behavior. Many of them have ADHD or some other medical/mental issue that affects their behavior, and are not strictly in a special education class. Other students are on levels. Any other child there in grades 3-12 are there because they have gotten in some big trouble. Fighting, getting caught drinking on school property, or any other of the zero tolerance issues, sometimes for too many absences. They have to work their way through the levels to go back to their home school. To pass a level they have to meet many goals; passing their classes, and not getting in any type of trouble for example. Then they must write an essay of some sort; generally having to do with having learned a lesson, and what they should have done, or why they shouldn’t have done what they did. The higher they get in their level the more freedom and responsibility they get. If they get in trouble the punishment is usually losing a level, or losing progress they have made, or they could have to participate in a lot of physical exercise. I have actually seen a student pushed to the ground, but he had just hit a teacher, and he was not harmed it just looked bad at the heat of the moment in a school. The one thing about this school is that unless it is a student who keeps causing trouble the teachers really care and go out of their way to help them.

Now it’s finally time for me to go to bed because tomorrow is going to be crazy doing homework and running around because my in-laws 50th anniversary party is Saturday and step-daughter turns 21, then Sunday my “other daughter” (my BFF’s oldest daughter) turns 16!

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