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I had a meeting with my son’s teachers today. I can’t say if it turned out good or bad. I did go in there with the attitude that I wasn’t going to take any crap. I’ve taken to much crap from some of the educators around here already; I am not going to do it anymore. I asked them straight out if I needed to pull him out of their school. I also made sure that they knew his story.

I don’t think I’ve ever added his story to my blog, but I will now. When Tyler was in Head Start he was eager and willing to learn. He would get a little distracted but not any worse than most of the other kids. He was starting to read a little, he could write his name, and he knew his colors in English and Spanish. Then I put him in kindergarten. That turned into a disaster. I do not normally like to say anything bad about a teacher because they work very hard to teach children while being extremely limited in what they are allowed to do, but this one was just horrid. The first time I met her I offered to volunteer in the class anytime she needed the help, and she curled her lip and said “I’ll let you know if I ever want your help.” I wondered then if there would be problems. Within the first full week of school for the kindergarten I received at least three notes saying Tyler had been sent to the office. I realized shortly thereafter that we were going to have that small town problem that I have seen before – not the right name, or the right amount of money. Tyler started acting out in her classroom. He was throwing things, or he would go to the bathroom and then throw his poo. I started being told by other parents, and Tyler that his teacher was making fun of him and encouraging the other kids to make fun of him. I was forced to take Tyler to the doctor who diagnosed him with ADHD. They called human services on me saying that he was going poo too much and he was going to die if I didn’t do something about it. What they didn’t bother to ask before they did that was if he already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled, which he did. Then I tried to get him an IEP so that perhaps things could begin to get better and my son could finally start getting the education he was there for. After a month and a half I sent the principal a letter threatening to sue them under IDEA laws. I had a call the very next day to go in for his IEP meeting. This started the second week of August, and the meeting was in November. At the meeting one of the things decided was that if he was sent to the office three more times he would have to go to “the alternative school“, which is actually a very good school in this district. I’ll try to remember to write more on it tomorrow. As I knew would happen three days later I received a note saying that Tyler would have to go to “the alternative school”. Since that first day in August he had been in the classroom for a full day only three days. The classroom he went to was fantastic and helped him learned how to deal with his anger, and how to show his anger in a better way. The problem became later that it was a k-2 class so they were trying to teach all those grades which made all of them suffer a bit academically. When he finally went back to his “home school”, a couple of the teachers tried really hard to help him catch up, but the others just let him sit there and do nothing.

Now he’s in a different school, middle school. And it really it a completely different school and town, we have county-wide schools here. These teachers expect him to do work, and he’s being disrespectful and getting angry because he’s not used to this. It’s not acceptable, but I don’t know how to fix it. He’s grounded at home because I do not accept lies, disrespect, or unfinished/not done homework. He’s very smart, even his teachers say so. His English teacher said today that his vocabulary is more extensive than any of the other children. We discussed many things, and came to an understanding on many things. They brought Tyler into the meeting so he would know what we were discussing and what was expected of him. We’ll see how things go from here. A good amount of all this depends on Tyler deciding that he can do more than he acts like he can.

The thing I didn’t expect was that the little girl who Tyler has been talking about and calling his girlfriend is apparently well-known for taking boys into the bathroom for sexual reasons. When Tyler got home I had the sex talk with him as best I could. I readily admit that I used internet sources to help me out. I’m not sure if he was just playing dumb on the topic or if he really didn’t know anything, but I still gave him as through a talk as I could bring myself to make. My thoughts are if the other kids are already talking about sex, or actually experimenting then I needed to add my thoughts to his education on this matter. Here’s to hoping that some of what I said sticks with him.


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