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But with the new measures that are being taken it deserves to be talked about again. Corn Syrup Producers want a sweeter name: corn sugar. So once again the people who make high fructose corn syrup want you to believe that the product they make is completely healthy for you. Are they insane? Did they not take basic biology? The way high fructose corn syrup is made a person’s body can not process it out the same way it does can sugar. It does not cause the body to produce insulin, so it is treated as a fat; or at least that is my understanding. I did learn in my college biology class that its structure is changed during its processing and the body can not recognize it. I did find a website that talked about it. I don’t know how credible the site is, but it does say the same thing that many other sites say. There was also a study done at Princeton that a good number of people have dismissed, but I found a reason not to dismiss it. Apparently Princeton performed a study where they gave one group of rats their regular food and a 10% high fructose corn syrup drink, and another group just their regular food. The rats given the HFCS obviously gained weight. I’m sure you can see why the study has been dismissed, they did not have a control group on cane sugar. However, in the interview I found it explains the reason for this. A study has already been done comparing cane sugar rats to regular food rats.

I am really trying to eat healthier overall, which includes working on cutting down on all sugars. I am watching the foods I buy for sugars; HFCS in particular. I think that we all need to get rid of sugars, and I think the companies who make the food we eat should stop putting sugars in our food. We have an obesity problem in this country and the food companies encourage it. I know a few people whose weight has created many health problems. I believe that my weight has created some of my health problems, and I look forward to them beginning to be repaired as I lose weight. I have not really kept a close eye on the change in my weight the last week because of Mother Nature being here. My scale says I’ve lost about 6 pounds from what my doctor said last week, but I know that most of that was the normal bloating that comes with a womans monthly cycle.

Now if I could only get James to make a few changes.


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  1. Faith
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 20:45:27

    Benji’s endocrinologist told us this almost 3 years ago. (He has hypoglycemia, sugar drops) The dr. went on to say that if you have to have sugar/sweeteners then go with cane sugar and honey. Stevia could be used but limited.

    HFCS or as the call it now corn syrup solids is not good for the body. It also doesn’t tell your brain that you are full so you are more likely to over eat and more likely to be hungry more often.

    I wish the FDA would actually look at the reports instead of their wallet.


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