I’m already stressing myself out!

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Not that I should be surprised, I always do this. This time just seems a bit more stressed than normal. So I’m going to make a list of everything I am stressing myself about, and what I can/need to do about it. Perhaps it will help destress me, or at the very least help me prioritize it all and start taking care of it.

My 11-year-old son is a pain in the rear. No, really he is. He won’t clean his room, he will not do what he is told, he back talks, and he does not put any effort into school. He is in resource classes at school for reading and math; but I know he could get out of them if he would put out the effort. I now have to go have a meeting with his teachers because he won’t try and they won’t teach. They are the ones calling the meeting because he doesn’t sit there in their classes looking like a drone bot. He talks and asks questions, and on occasion needs to be got onto because he starts disrupting the class. I am the first to admit that my son is not always the picture perfect kid that they like to have in class. Sometimes he does need to be in trouble, but now one of his teachers is just stressing me out whining about everything so badly that I know she wants a drone bot in her classroom. I don’t know how to deal with that yet, except to move to where I know there is a good school.

I have a never-ending mound of student loan debt. Since I’m still in school this shouldn’t stress me because I should still be in deferment; except Sallie Mae is saying that I have already a week late on my first payment. What? How can I already be in repayment while I have asked for in-school deferment? I have no clue, so that’s a job for the financial aid office tomorrow.

I am still down a hand, though I do have the fingers of my right hand it still makes for slow typing. I hate not being able to move my wrist or use the palm of my hand. One of those things that you don’t truly appreciate until you don’t have it. It makes for slow blog typing, and slow homework typing – which I still have to do. And the worst part is that James will be home any minute and he always walks in and turns on the television first thing. It’s distracting and I don’t like it, but I swear he thinks he would die without it. He something else that is stressing me out. His attitude is horrible and I am tired of him treating me like crap, and calling me names all the time like we’re in high school, and then trying to say its all my fault. He does not find any fault in himself. He doesn’t have a bad attitude, I do and so I just act like he does. Tell me where this makes sense? The excuses he’s coming up with to make himself look good. Too bad it’s not working. He’s alienating everyone, and will not listen when I try to tell him so. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him, but whatever it is I am going to try to stop it from happening before June of 2011 so that I am out of school and hopefully can make it on my own if I need to!

I am also planning a 50th wedding anniversary for the in-laws, trying to really get started on my research project, and have a dozen other sheets of paper that I need to deal with. I’m still stressed and still don’t know how I’m going to deal with most of it, but now I’m going to take care of the stress of my homework!


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