Wow, the sun does still shine

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I haven’t really been fully awake since the 1st when I had my surgery done. However, I am finally getting there! I did not take any type of pain medicine yesterday. I have taken some ibuprofen today after helping put together my stationary bike. I am pretty sure that my wrist is still swelling when I try to do too much. I am currently sitting here icing it down while I try to type; something that is a little hard to do when you only really have one hand to type with.

I really don’t understand why the doctor said that he was going to drain my cyst and then decided to cut it out without ever telling me about the change. Before the surgery all he did was come in and circle the cyst, he didn’t talk to me or my best friend. I had no clue that when I came out of surgery I was going to be in what basically amounts to a cast. Luckily I can finally move my pinky finger without causing a lot of pain, at least most of the time. The thing I would really like is to have full use of my right hand. I can feel the stitches underneath the gauze and ace bandage, and it hurts.

I can only assume that the whole point is to not move my wrist so that I don’t tear the stitches and so that the tendon can heal. It just would have been nice to know about it before so that I could have prepared for it. There’s nothing I can do now except deal with it. This Wednesday I go to my nurse practitioner for my yearly exam, and to begin my diet pill again. I also have to get her to look at some irregularities in my breasts. My mother had to have some lumps removed when she was 18 and I think that I may have to have a mammogram to look at mine now. Just when I think I’m finally getting my health on the right track, after not taking care of it for so long, something else seems to show itself. I know it will get better and that I’m doing the best thing for me; especially considering the rocky ledge that James and I are teetering on.

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