Still hurting today

A glass of chocolate milk.

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And its a little hard to type, but I’m still here! I went to work today. I was doing really good then this afternoon I got tired and started hurting at a point that extra strength Tylenol wasn’t helping with. So I did the smart thing and came home to a Demerol and my bed. I’m still hurting at the moment a little so I know that it’s about time to stop trying to do anything and ice down but I want to finish this post first. It itches under my wrap and I can’t scratch it of course which just makes it worse. Luckily I go back to the doctor on the 13th so I only have to deal with this for about a week and a half.

James helped me shower this morning. Well he washed my hair for me, but that was all I really needed help with. Tyler is being very good about helping me out with things and letting me sleep. Right now I think he’s trying to overdose me on chocolate. I asked him to get me some milk and he decided I needed chocolate milk. I had a little milk in my chocolate.

My cyst was on the palm side of my wrist on the same side as my pinky finger and was sitting on a tendon. The doc went in and cut it out. I’m thinking that the tendon is hurting just as much as everything else. I wish I would have been able to talk to hm after the surgery, but I never saw him.

My throat is still hurting today. I’ve been trying to eat my BLT sandwich from Micheal’s Pizza but it’s a tad bit difficult. It’s a Micheal’s Pizza BLT though so it just can’t be passed up!! I can feel the meds kicking in now though so I guess that’s the signal that I’m done here for the night!


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