Whirlwind Weekend, turned into a stressful Monday

Effects of stress on the body.

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I’ve been trying to stop and post this all day, but it just hasn’t worked out that way. I guess the universe was telling me it just wasn’t time yet. That’s okay though, because I believe I am going to start doing my posts in the evenings after I get home rather than stress myself out all day. Now lets start with the weekend.

Friday I had a nice surprise in that I received some money. So I went shopping. Not so much for me, though I did buy a few things for myself. I bought my son some school clothes because school started from him almost a month ago and I had not been able to afford to buy him any new clothes. I bought myself a new hat, a back pack, a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Saturday was a festival in one of the little towns around us. Most of the band and track programs from the middle school and high school were there raising money; so I spent a lot to help them all out. It was pretty good, but I think the heat really got to me. When I got home I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was falling asleep sitting on the couch.

Sunday was Nashville Predators Day at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, so I took my 13-year-old brother and my son. We got there about 10:30 and went through one loop of the zoo before going back and winning some Predators items, and hanging out. I didn’t stay around long enough to meet the players because the crowd was starting to bother me, but we still had fun! We finished seeing the rest of the zoo after that, and then headed home. We ate dinner at Waffle House because my brother had never eaten there, and well everyone must eat at the “Awful Waffle” at least once in their lifetime! He said he liked it and he ate everything he ordered.

Today has turned into a stressful Monday. My mother’s husband’s ex-stepfather(confused yet? Really redneck isn’t it?) passed away from a head injury. He was a heavy drinker for about 50 years, and a smoker. He developed cancer of the mouth last November, and had surgery recently to remove part of his tongue and jaw. The heavy drinking made him easy to manipulate, and some people took advantage of that. One person in particular was supposed to be living with him to help keep the house clean and take care of him. She was there only as long as he had money for her to buy beer with and food stamps for her to steal his food. She talked him into making her beneficiary of his life insurance policy on the condition that she would make sure his funeral was paid for first. Well now she says she doesn’t care if his funeral is paid for she just wants her life insurance money. This is the same woman who wouldn’t visit him in the hospital, or take care of him when he could barely take care of himself. It’s really irritating.

After not being able to do anything about that situation I got an email from Tyler’s teacher who I don’t like anyway, but I try to work with her because she is my son’s teacher. Now I have to go have a meeting with his teachers and the stick-up-his-ass assistant principal. Tyler has ADHD, and I have not had him on medication this year because the tics were just too bad. It is easier for most people to deal with him without meds then to deal with the tics. I have some very strong feelings on this subject, but since I haven’t really eaten supper and I still have homework to do, I think we’ll leave it for now!


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