Good Monday Morning!

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I’m not normally a Monday type of person, who am I kidding I’m not normally a morning person at all! For some reason I am bouncing and ready to face the world today! Of course I did not have a good night last night, but like always that was my own fault for letting bad memories was over me. I let them wash over me, I cried about it, then I let it go. I was glad that James understood and while he does not really show affection like I wish he would, he was still very kind.

I have to see the orthopedic surgeon first thing this morning to find out what the knot on my wrist is. Hopefully it will be simple to fix, but I won’t know until after I see him. I have to take Tyler to school this morning.

Well I didn’t get this posted before I had to leave the house! I got Tyler off to school, and went to the doctor. Pending insurance approval they will be going in on the 1st of September to drain the Ganglion Cyst on my wrist.

I also came back to work today!! I know that some people will think “how can you be happy about that?” but I am!! I have been at home all summer working on my health and I am beyond ready to be back in the thick of things and doing something besides sitting at home! I won’t really work any regular hours  until next week, but that doesn’t matter, I am out of the house and busy moving again!! In fact right now I should be cleaning up an office that my boss is just twitching to have cleaned up, but I missed my Mac so much that I had to stop and give it a hug and then do something on it just to make both of us feel better!! I did clean off my desk, and I can not believe how yucky I let it get and then left it that way. I can feel the change that having my health be better is making in my work; and my boss said he could already see it and to keep it that way!!

I have to start working on getting my routine down again, except now I have several things that I would like to add to my morning routine. I would like to get up early enough to get in about 30 minutes of exercise most mornings, and I always like to take my showers of the morning. I am trying to get Tyler to start being more responsible for himself, but it hasn’t been successful yet. I keep hoping that he will hit that growth/maturity spurt soon so that I won’t worry so much about him. I just have to try and be patient; not that I have ever been good at that! Until tomorrow, kick some Monday butt!!


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