Adventure before ranting about U.S. educational system

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If you notice my blog has a brand new name and web address! I felt that if I was actually going to start trying to do something with this thing then it needed a change that would reflect it better! It will of course be an ongoing process as I continue to try to make improvements, or just simply add things that I would like to add. I mean it is My loopy world!!

It felt so wonderful outside this morning when I got up, it was the perfect morning for coffee on the front porch. Except my front porch is small and I still needed to do some cleaning of it! I have fixed that problem today and hope that tomorrow morning dawns just as lovely! I seem to luckily be making some progress on getting rid of the wasps that have invaded my house. I am allergic to insect stings and last week I managed to get stung. Now that I’m better I have no desire to have a repeat performance!

I still have a paper that I have to finish and I just can not bring myself to get it done. I will force myself to do it, but I become nauseated every time I open the document. I start my graduate assistant position again next week, and am really looking forward to it! Classes start on the 28th, and from there on my calendar stays a bit full. That’s okay though, it will be exciting and help pass the days until my trip! I really wanted to put a countdown clock on my wordpress page, but alas they do not allow JavaScript. Perhaps they will decide to make a change soon, or I missed something! That would be nice!

And I have to rant today, just have to get it off my chest. One of the local high schools here decided they needed to make some changes in the dress code, and went to what I call a modified uniform. They can wear certain types of jeans, polo shirts in the school colors, or non-homemade shirts with the school logo. I fussed about it, but let it go. When that change was made they did loosen up on the kids being able to color their hair, and have tasteful piercings, so that was nice for them. Yet now I find out that they can not use any words that the teachers feel are cuss word substitutes, like freakin’ and flip, and they can not hug their friends without being accused of displaying sexual behavior. What! That is uncalled for, stupid, and just plan unacceptable. If giving my kid a hug means I’m showing sexual behavior then man this world has some problems. Well, actually we all know that it has some major problems, but come on. First they stop failing students, so now our kids do not know failure, but instead expect to get through everything even if they can’t do it, won’t do it, or do it wrong. What happened to teaching our kids? These are the same kids that then have to go out and run our companies and build our products. And everyone wonders why United States companies are failing, nothing is made in the U.S. by native-born American people, and our educational system is considered the worst in the world. I don’t know what I’m going to do for my son, but I know that I have to start looking for something different, and I have to be sure I can afford it.

I’m sure I’ll continue on this subject as I am very disappointed in the educational system, but for now I have to go try to finish a paper!


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