Sometimes will power is not the only problem

I’ve been working on improving my motivation and will power to actually get off my bum and exercise so that I can get down to my goal weight before I go to Ireland next May. Up until today I’ve only been walking for my exercise, but I decided to try some cardio workout today. Yeah, that did not go well. The reason: bladder incontinence. Yes, that is right, I am one of the many women in the world who has an incontinence problem. If I sneeze, cough, jump up and down, or try to do some good cardio work I can not close the flow of urine. It sucks to say the least. I have been at the doctor a lot this summer trying to improve my health; in fact I was at the orthopedic surgeon today to try and find out what the knot on the bottom side of my wrist is. However, I will be back at my nurse practitioner, Kim, on September 8th for my yearly woman exam and to begin the diet pill again. Now I will be adding my bladder problems to the exam. I am hoping there perhaps as I continue to lose weight it will improve, but I would really like to do something in the meantime. Until then I guess my exercise routine is restricted to walking and/or exercise bikes of some sort.

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