Sometimes you need a different perspective.

I have been spending the summer trying to start getting myself healthy, both physically and mentally. I have been working on losing weight, eating better, getting out of a depression that I fell into again, and trying to get motivated. I have the motivation, I think, I know that I want to look better again, and that I want to be a certain weight before I go to Ireland in 267 days. Every day I think “okay I have to get up and exercise, even for just 5 minutes”, then my lack of willpower wins and I don’t do anything. I quit smoking three weeks ago, it’s still hard every day, but I hope that when my days get busy again that it will be much easier. In the meantime, I have to get a different perspective. I’ve been looking at things all wrong. I tell myself that I just don’t have the willpower, but is that really it? Or is it that I am so out of shape that I’m afraid of a little hard work to get back into shape? I have to start looking at things differently and perhaps then everything will fall into place!! But right now, it’s time to go jump in the shower, because I did do a three mile walk today, and I am crossing my fingers for dinner out tonight with the family!! Perhaps that is the different perspective that my relationship needs, but of course that’s a different blog post!! Brightest Blessings!

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