Should I be scared?

I started seeing a new doctor last week and I really like him, as a doctor of course! Last week he had the lab draw blood and test. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I live in an area that does not get cell service, and last week I was home all week except for the doctors appointment. Which means that I did not check my voicemail until I left the house on Sunday, and of course I had a message from the doctor’s office. I called first thing Monday morning and was sitting in the office by 9:45. I was extremely nervous. He started going through my test results. Complete Blood Counts fine, Sugar fine, Liver fine, Kidneys fine, Vitamin B12 not below the lowest point for the “norm” but not far above it either, Vitamin D tanked. The “norm” range that is given for Vitamin D is 50-90 ng/ml, mine was 12.2. I am now on a supplement for my Vitamin D, I was already taking a B complex supplement, and now I am taking a multi-vitamin everyday. In addition to the supplements I’m making sure to drink more milk and spend more time outside when it is sunny! It is my hope that raising these levels in addition to continuing to lose weight will help with my fatigue and memory problems. I am already feeling a little better, but today I’m dragging my butt some! I did some “research” on the internet after I got home and what I found scared me. Everything I found said that if your B12 gets too low it can cause permanent neurological damage. Not something I want at all! I guess only time will tell!


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