If you're going to dream…Dream Big!

There is one thing that I’ve always wanted to do and that is travel. I want to see the world! Ireland has always been at the top of that list and I decided a couple of months ago that after working so hard through grad school I wanted to finally reward myself with the trip of my dreams! I asked my honey to go with me, but he said no after I said I was going to Ireland; but after a little hesitation and me saying that I planned on paying for the whole trip my best friend agreed to go with me. Some people have said that I’m crazy because I’ve already started planning the trip. By already beginning to plan though I leave myself room to change my mind on some things, find the best deals, and learn more about what to do and the best way to go about it. I knew that I wanted to go to Dublin and Cork, as I was beginning to look into the trip I was playing with the idea of going to Stonehedge, and remembered Glastonbury. I also knew that I wanted to spend at least one night in a castle hotel! I plan on getting around completely through public transportation. I mean lets face it, I am from the United States, I’m sure we’ll all feel safer if my driving-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road-butt off the road in Ireland! So I finally have a plan! I am planning a May trip. It is the most convenient time for me, I understand the weather isn’t to bad, and it’s not the height of tourism season yet.
I’ve decided to fly out on a Tuesday and make it Dublin first thing Wednesday morning. Enjoy the sights of Dublin and a day rail tour to Cork until Sunday when we will fly into Bristol, UK and spend the night in Thornberry Castle before heading to Glastonbury. Go back to Dublin on Wednesday, enjoy a couple of day trips on the bus then head home on Saturday. I plan on staying a bed and breakfasts for the most part, and am so looking forward to it!! Now to just save the money, and find the good travel deals!!


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