Wow, to be able to slow down!

Finals are over, though I still have some work I need to get done; and I can finally breathe again. At least for a couple of weeks. I need to be out looking for a job, but what I really want to do is work from home this summer. I want to be able to spend the summer with my little boy before he turns in a teenager! He turns 12 next year and I’m sure the teenage actions will start early! The people that I have always considered my “adopted” family has been going through a really rough time lately. First “Dad” almost died from a bleeding ulcer two weeks ago, and then Friday “Mom” was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors are saying 9 months to 2 years is all she has, but she’s a fighter. They say treatable but not curable, and even though I may not be Christian, I still believe in Miracles and Magic! Anything can happen! They are 400 miles away from me, and I would love nothing more than to jump in the car and run to them. However, I would just end up there broke and wondering what I could do to help so, I am staying home and trying to take care of my family and school. I saw my new doctor today, and I have a feeling that I am really going to like him and his colleague! He actually listened to me, and then took blood to run extensive tests to see if he can start to find the problem! I hope that my fatigue and memory problems will start to disappear soon! It will make my life so much better and perhaps I’ll even have some energy again so I can start really doing the things I enjoy. I try to do them now, but I get so tired that I just stop and sit down. I used to love working in the yard, and now to get out there and do it makes me so tired I have to take a nap. I look forward to enjoying playing out in the yard with my son again. I may even get myself a bike so that we can ride around together! I am planning a trip to Ireland and the United Kingdom next year. I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s going to be expensive so I’m trying hard to save all the money I will need for it! I also want to quit smoking; it’s been hard so far, but I am managing slowly to cut down the number of cigarettes that I smoke each day! I have goals, now it’s time to start trying to reach them. I can work on my weight and quitting smoking while I wait on the test results from the doctor’s office. Unless something serious shows up it will probably be about four weeks before I know those results! In the meantime, it’s time for me to head to bed and get some sleep! Perhaps I’ll manage to get back here tomorrow! ~♥~


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