It's Sunday again!

It looks like Sunday will be the day that I post for now; though I would like to get another day in there. I am still really busy with graduate school, and my graduate assistantship. For the most part I am really enjoying both, however my classes tend to kick my butt. I think that I know the reason behind this so now it’s just a matter of coming up with a plan to correct it. Last week contained my birthday and it has been great! At work we had lunch and cupcakes; my co-workers are awesome. Yesterday I got to participate in one of my favorite activities: Nashville Predators hockey! It was their last game of the regular season, and they won over the St. Louis Blues!! The Predators are headed to the Stanley Cup playoffs so I’m debating purchasing tickets for a game. I am staying hopeful that they will keep themselves strong and get past round one, but it’s hard to do. They’ve been playing really inconsistently. I have about decided that if they make it to round two I will buy tickets to a game, and if they get to round three I will get a tattoo that I had previously talked myself out of! I’ve been a hockey fan since 1995, but I was not so much of a fan that I really learned alot about the game. After beginning to attend games again I really remembering how much I love it I have been working on learning more about the game itself. I’m doing it in fits and spurts because I do still have graduate school information to stuff into my head too! Today is dinner and a movie with my honey, I think we’re going to see “Clash of the Titans in 3-D” but only because there’s nothing else I am interested in seeing except “How to Train Your Dragon” but I can’t see that one without my son of course. Honey and I will be talking about purchasing a new place today while we’re out. The trailer beside his parents is available, and as much as we don’t want another trailer, or even to stay in the county we are currently in, it would be good for us to be so close, and the trailer itself is bigger than the one we are in. It’s going to be a hard decision to make, there are so many reasons not to buy it or move into it, but his parents are advancing in age and someone is going to need to be close by. Does that one reason outweight all the reasons not to move? If I was to do a pro/con list the con side would certainly out number the pro side. I’ll try and keep you updated!!

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