Beautiful Sunday

I spent a beautiful Sunday enjoying my beloved warm weather at my best friends house today! They grilled, we ate, we talked, we had a great time. The kids got to hunt Easter eggs so they were excited! I came home and put together my birdfeeder pole and birdfeeder. Then I put together a fan, and worked on contining to resort and put up all of our approixamently 250 movies (I could be wrong on the count, but I’m not far off!). The Nashville Predators clinched their playoff spot with a win against the Redwings, so my weekend started off fantastically! I’m going to the last regular season game, but haven’t decided about buying playoff tickets yet. I am once again thinking about getting a Predators tattoo! Ty finally cleaned a big portion of his room which also made for a good weekend! And managed to get some progress made on the load of homework I have! With my iPod touch it is making it a nit easier to write new posts, so I’m looking forward to how this will go! Until next time: Brightest Blessings for you and yours!

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