9 days and counting..

So many things I want to put into one post; I wouldn’t have this problem if I would post more often, but I have of course been busy lately and that makes it hard to stop and take the time to post! I went out and bought myself one of those nifty little netbooks. The keyboard takes some getting used to because it is smaller than the ones that I am used to, but so far I am loving it; and it’s going to come in really handy for that on-the-go NaNoWriMo writing I am going to be doing! The battery only lasts about three hours, but I can carry the cord with me and plug it in whenever I am near a plug in. And if I can’t plug it in then three hours should at least give me time for my 1,600 words each day! Halloween/Samhain is just around the corner also, it’s my favorite holiday and I enjoy everything to do with it! We are planning on going off-roading that weekend, so I may have to change my NaNo kick-off event plans, and delay ritual for a day, but that’s okay; I have a feeling it will all work out the way it is supposed to! I downloaded the yWriter and while I haven’t done any writing in it yet it is looking like a fabulous tool! It even has a daily word count target that you can fix up that tells you how many words you need to write a day to reach your goal! I have the month of November in with 50,000 words; I’m hoping that if I miss my word count one day it will reset itself to tell me the new daily goal! I have classwork to do, but I am also going to spend the next 9 days getting my characters into the software and some short scene descriptions. Having my characters already named and described will help me shut off that internal editor and the delay factor that I always have because I have to decide on those things before my brain will move on! Well, it’s time to do some housework/supper/classwork so hopefully I will write again tomorrow!

Found a fake name generator that gives you an entire identity including mailing address, email, occupation, ect! They have others if you go to the free tools.

More generators: Serendipity

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