Probably the only person who didn't know

On the 28th of August I ordered a used book from an Amazon seller, and some brand new software from The Super Saver Shipping option came up, and I thought that’s cool, free shipping, I’ll save me $5 since I just spent $400. I should have read the fine print a whole lot sooner, because here it is a little over a week later, and it will probably be another week before I get my software; four days if I’m lucky and the post office isn’t holding back mail again to make their numbers look bad. I’m probably the only person who didn’t know that’s Super Saver Shipping option takes an additional 3-5 days before they ship it. I will never again do that, from now on I will pay the extra for 2 day shipping! And yes the United States Postal Service has been holding back peoples mail, and asking the bulk mailers not to mail during their count times. So all this whining and crying about how the mail count is down isn’t nearly as bad as they say it is. Now yes I’ll admit that the internet and email has greatly impacted them, but it’s not as bad as they say; and closing post offices on a Tuesday just sounds stupid. Why let everyone be off a day, then have to work a day, then be off a day? Just go ahead and close on Mondays, and let everyone have a two day weekend! And if they would quit promoting the idiots when they screw up and actually get people in there who would do their jobs, they would probably be in a lot better shape! There was a small post office in my area that needed a new postmaster, and another larger post office in my area (further away) that had one that was messing things up, so they moved the idiot to the closer-to-me post office. The guy had no clue how to sort mail or stamp mail or anything, and they moved him to a little post office where the postmaster actually has to do something besides sit there and look like an idiot! They pay people on the dock to walk around with a scanner and scan the trucks in when they pull in; that’s all they do is scan the trucks in, while someone else has to come get the mail, after the driver off-loads it, so it can be sorted. Now why pay two people, when one could do it, if that one was competent; which of course most of the time neither of them are competent and they give a whole new meaning to in-breed idiots. I could think differently if these were people with some type of disability, but the deaf girl works better than any of these other people! Okay enough ranting from me, it’s time for bed! Take care of you until next time!


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