So tired today

I went to the mall yesterday and did some major shopping! Of course parking on campus today was a nightmare so my new shoes let me know all about how I should have left the house earlier. Trying on new clothes yesterday just made me realize that I have to lose some weight; I am so tired of looking so ugly! After the mall yesterday I went home and tried to work on laundry and dishes but got sucked into “True Blood” on HBO. That show is like a train wreck you just can’t look away even when you’re thinking ‘this is sooo stupid.’ After that I finally got in the shower and then dyed my hair. Classes officially started today but mine are online so I signed in and got a jumpstart on the assignments for this week; still waiting on my book to arrive. It was midnight before I got into bed and I was dragging this morning. Tonight is going to be hectic helping Ty with his homework and working on mine plus finishing laundry and all the other normal household chores. I still pray everyday for the money to buy or build a bigger house; I so look forward to a kitchen table and a large desk.

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