Dreams and a sadness

James did it to me again! He got on Craigslist, and found my dream car; this time though it was the right price. My dream car is a third generation (1982-1992) Pontiac Firebird with t-tops. It does need some work, but actually not nearly as much as I thought it would. The people we got it from said it just wouldn’t start and they didn’t know what was wrong with it. Well I heard it run last night, because my James is a mechanical genius! It’s just the 305 engine, even though I was hoping to find one with the 350, but that’s okay because we can replace the engine if we decide to; and apparently the fuel pump is running but it’s not pumping fuel. I am going to have to replace the headliner, but the seats are actually still in good condition. I need a really good interior cleaning, and a dashcap. Now I just have to find someone who can mix the paint color I want. Back in 1995 I found a color called Metallic Dragon’s Blood Red, and I love that color, so I will find it again!

On a sad note, a valued member of the community I live in was injured in a farming accident and did not survive. He was one of the first people I met when I moved here. He was among the first people to show me any kindness, and for a time he made it a point to come check on me because I was having a hard time with some things. His family was everything to him and he spoiled his grandkids. My heart aches, there will be a noticeable hole in this community for awhile. Knowing how his passing will affect the community my thoughts and prayers especially go out to his family.


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