Planning a vacation can be tiring.

I’ve wanted to take a good vacation for a few years now, the last one I took was probably 2002 or 2003. I’ve also always wanted to go to SeaWorld (I love marine life and the ocean), so I was just goofing off last week and found this really great deal for a five day vacation in Orlando, FL with hotel, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Aquatica. Since then I’ve been working on the honey trying to get him to argue with his boss to give him the time off. Honey works a split shift six days a week, and hasn’t really taken any time off since 2006; so I think it’s about damn time the man had a nice vacation. I thought it was going to be a fight to get Honey to agree to this vacation, but he seems very open to it, now it’s just dealing with his worthless boss. His boss acts like it’s Honey’s job to run the business and all Honey gets paid to do it drive the truck. Then today I looked again and I have to order this package deal by the first of September or it will change and it could be better, or it could be worse! It’s wearing me out dealing with the boss thing and trying to look at all the different ways to package the vacation and get the most bang for my buck! Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!


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