Back in the swing

I started back at my GA position today, and I am loving it! It feels good to be busy again; of course with all the stuff I am trying to do personally I could stay busy at home, but it’s hard for me. See I leave in this little mobile home so I don’t have room for a good desk, nor do I have room for all the books I have. I’m the type of person that when I work I like to have room to set my book in front of me, my pen and paper beside me, and my laptop in there somewhere; but I just don’t have that kind of room where we live right now. I look forward to moving into a bigger place but that costs money and it’s in short supply around our house. I keep hoping that I’ll win the lottery, but you have to play for that to happen and I don’t play very often. I would really like to be a published author (please note that I did not say famous, I could care less about fame) and make a good living that way, but that’s a hard way to earn a living I hear!


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