When others make you look bad

I’ve been involved with the Autism Speaks walk with a group that I’m in, and it’s been great; until now. The group decided to do a benefit concert to raise money and I was asked and quickly agreed to do the media work so I got busy on PSA’s, an emcee, interviews, and the like. I had so many things already set up with a local group of radio stations, then the coordinator (for lack of a better term) decided to just do whatever she wanted to do without even discussing it with me. She went to a rival radio station and starting talking them into just about everything that I already had going on with the group I was working with; and she knew that I was working with the one group and what we had planned. Well, I don’t know about elsewhere, but around here rival stations do not partner with each other on anything. So now I’m having to paddle my way along, and make myself look good again to the group I was working with because this girl did not bother to discuss anything with the person who knows the media in this area. So far it’s looking good for me, not so good for her. The radio station she talked to has not gotten back with her recently after she called and left a message, and now the radio station I was working with doesn’t want to continue because they’ve been crapped on after making commitments. I’m still going to help raise money, but right now I’m angry with the hit that my barely there professional reputation has taken. I’m sure I’ll come back to this tomorrow, forgive me for taking so long to actually get it written; can’t type and drive and I’ve been on the road a lot these last couple of days!


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