Good morning grumpy

Yes, I know it’s afternoon, but I’ve been so grumpy today that I didn’t even dare let myself write anything before now. I didn’t sleep well last night because of weird dreams; including one where my cat came back to me. Of course I’m pretty sure that he’s no longer on this earth, but it was so lovely to hold him again in my dream arms. The schools and the county government where I live are at odds because the school won’t give the county two million dollars out of their budget; so it’s looking like there may not be any schools open in the county after October. Let me just say that it will be an improvement, perhaps then I can put Ty in a decent school. Then in one of the next counties over some idiot councilman is trying to shut down a race track that has been there for 45 years all because a developer built it up in the area in the last 10 years and people bought houses there and now they want the race track gone because it’s noisy. Yeah it all makes sense.

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