Technology does fail

I have this great post sitting on my blackberry, that for some reason will not upload to wordpress. I believe the wordpress for blackberry is still in it’s beta form, but I haven’t had a chance to really look at the forums about it as I’ve been back and forth to the doctors office with my son. He got bit by something and had an allergic reaction, then had a reaction to the steroid cream they gave him. We have all got a big laugh out of that, the running  joke is that now he won’t be able to play pro sports. Which of course is wrong, if he wants to he can, but with all the news coverage on steroid use in sports, it makes for a funny little joke! I didn’t sleep well last night, and did most of that in the recliner; and this morning my knee cap is noticeably off to the right side of my leg; I’ll be glad when the doctors finally realize there’s a problem, then maybe it will get fixed!


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