Chasing the dreams

I am currently working on my master’s degree in communication; and just finished a wonderful internship at the local radio stations. Especially at my age, everyone is always asking me what I want to do with my degree; and still I have no real good answer for them. I do, however, have three dream jobs, in order they are: run my own business (combination “gift” shop, coffee shop, and used book store), write for automobile magazines, or chase down peoples genealogy. Most people say that these three things are in no way related to each other or my degree, but really they are if you think about it. I plan on spending today playing some Need for Speed: Most Wanted and working on getting my family tree back into my computer program so that I can start the paper chasing phase of my own family tree research. I also need to spend some time working on my outline for the book that has been circling in my head that I believe I am going to type out during NaNoWriMo this year!!!


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